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        2024 SCHEDULE

January 27th-28th :Lake Verret 2 Day Open

                              Bayside Tackle (Lake Side Only)



February 17th: False River

                       Morels Landing



March 16th: Concordia

                    Lakeview Lodge



April 13th: Jack Millers (No South of Pigeon Bridge)



May 4th: Spillway

              Belle River Public Launch (No South of 90)



June 15th: Henderson

                  I-10 Launch



July 13th Veterans Open

               Doiron’s Landing



August 3rd: Mystery Tournament

                   Anglers will meet in the morning of Aug 3rd                       and will draw for tournament location.



Westside Bassmasters Classic:

Date and Location will be voted on by Top 10 anglers

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