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2024 Veterans Open

In association with Optimal Field Services and and in partnership with Wounded War Heroes, Westside Bassmasters is proud to announce the 8th Annual Veterans Open. Thank you to everyone who has supported the tournament over the past several years. Through your contributions, we have been able to raise over $70,000.00 for WWH in the past 3 years. Our goal is to make it to $100,000.00 at the conclusion of this year’s tournament. We will have countless door prizes, raffle items and a silent auction. No one should go home empty handed. All proceeds will go towards providing our combat wounded Veterans opportunities to experience the great outdoors. By simply entering a fishing tournament, you will be giving something back to the men and women who so courageously served this nation.


Tournament details

  • Date: July 13th

  • Location: Teams may launch at Doiron’s Car Wash landing and Doiron's Spillway landing ONLY. Do not launch behind the store. (Must get livewells checked behind Doiron’s Store before launching; no exceptions)

  • Boundaries: Lake Verret or Atchafalaya Spillway; Must stay north of Hwy. 90 (No Bayou Black) Also, Oak Harbor and Bayou Tranquille and Doiron's Canal are off limits. You may switch over once during the day.

  • Entry Fee: Veterans fish free! Teams consisting of two veterans will not have to pay an entry fee. There will be a pre-registration meeting prior to the tournament. Teams consisting of two non-Veterans can pre-register for $200.00. Registrations taken the morning of the tournament will be $210.00. Boat numbers will be assigned as you register and will be posted before the tournament.

  • Payout: •1st place is guaranteed $10,000.00 based on 150 boats •1st place Big Bass is guaranteed $1000.00. •2nd place Big Bass $500.00•1 place per 7 boats will pay out. 70% of the pot will go to the payout, and 30 % will go to the Wounded War Heroes organization.

There will be a pre-registration banquet and auction on Thursday July 11th at the Bayou Plaquemine Waterfront Park (57845 Foundry St. Plaquemine, LA 70764. Please plan to pre-register at the banquet to keep tournament morning running smoothly.



                                                                               Rules and Regulations


1. Posted and or private canals that have a gate access and key to enter and private ponds are off limits. Contestants may not leave the boat to gain access to fishing waters. Boundaries for tournaments are no fishing below Hwy. 90. Also, Oak Harbor Canals and Bayou Tranquille are off limits.


2. 1 place per 7 boats will be paid.


3. Westside Bassmasters members will be allowed to fish with another club member and will both receive the points.


4. Only 2 fishermen per boat, but singles fishing will be allowed


5. No alcohol or narcotics will be allowed in the possession of contestants during tournament hours.


6. No fishing within 25 yards of an anchored tournament boat without mutual consent.


7. You will be allowed to take off @ 5:30 am at your own risk. First cast is TBA. Last cast will be 3:00 PM. Chip must be off the board at 4:00 PM. (Board will be located near weigh in stage behind Doiron’s)


8. Safety: Fish at your own risk and follow coast guard rules. Be careful out there and respectful of other boaters and anglers. Life jackets AND kill switches must be worn at all times when the combustion engine is operating.


9. Cheating and un-sportsmanship conduct between anglers and other boaters will not be allowed and will result in disqualification from tournament and club.


10. Artificial bait/lures on fishing rod and reels to catch fish are all that is allowed for tournaments.


11. 5 fish in length of 12” or greater per TEAM/angler will be weighed in and released back into water. Any fish under the 12” will result in disqualification. Penalty for dead fish will be 4 ounces for each dead fish. Tie breakers will be determined by biggest bass. This is the responsibility of the fisherman to weigh big bass. If either team did not weigh big bass, it will be determined by a coin toss.


12. No surface drives allowed. All boats must have built in and functioning live wells. Ice chest live wells are not allowed.


13. Upon entering this tournament, contestants release tournament officials and sponsors from liability of accidents, losses or thefts. Contestants are responsible for knowing and understanding all rules and regulations. Any protest must be in writing to tournament director no later than 15 min of scales closing.


14. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Joey Stein at 225-776-6982

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Registration Form

Waiver Form

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