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2021 Schedule

1. Concordia/Bruin/St. John

    Date: Jan 30th

    Launch: TBA

We will vote on which lake we will fish. 

2. Lake Verret

    Date: Feb 13th

    Launch: Doiron's

Must stay above Hwy. 90

3. False River

   Date: March 20th

   Launch: Satterfield's Landing

4. Jack Miller's 2 Day Open 

    Date: May 22nd & 23rd

    Launch: Jack Miller's or Bayou Sorrel

This is a 2 day open team tournament. Anyone can fish with or without a partner. No crossing Hwy. 90.

5. Henderson

   Date: June 26th

   Launch: Butte La Rose Public Launch

6. Veteran's Open

    Date: July 17th

    Launch: Doiron's either side

Open team tournament. No crossing Hwy. 90.

7. Lake Verrett

    Date: August 7th

    Launch: Doiron's

No boundaries. All legal waters are fishable

8. Sam Rayburn

    Date: Oct 16th

    Launch: TBD

 End of the year Classic

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